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2016 Southland Provincials


HOA Geoff Jukes (Central Southland)

A Grade 1st Craig Pilcher (Timaru) 2nd Stu Sutherland (Southland) 3rd Michael Hartstonge (Southland). B Grade 1st David Diack (Nightcaps) 2nd Jan Manson (Southland) 3rd Mark Eales (West Otago) C Grade 1st Andrew MacLeod (Mataura) 2nd Grant Brotherston (Central Southland) 3rd Todd Jacobs (Amberley). 2 Man Team 1st equal Lindsay Rodgers and Michael Dobbie (Southland) Stu Sutherland and Shanan Evans (Southland) 50/50. 5 Man team Mike Sime Ian Crafts Craig Pilcher Ned Kelland Hamish Holland (Canterbury). Lady Jan Manson (Southland) Veteran Geoff Jukes (Central Southland) Junior Rhys Horrell (Western Southland)

Double Rise

HOA Shanan Evans (Southland)

A Grade 1st Hamish Holland (Amberley) 2nd Craig Pilcher (Timaru) 3rd Stu Sutherland (Southland)

B Grade 1st Ian Woodrow (Puketiro) 2nd David Dickie (Nightcaps) 3rd John Sutherland(Southland) C Grade 1st Robert Wilson (Nightcaps) 2nd Awatea Nicholas (Central Southland) 3rd Errol Edwards (Central Southland) Lady Tracy Searle (Gorge Road) Veteran Ian Crafts (Waihora) Junior Robert Wilson (Nightcaps)


HOA Shanan Evans (Southland)

A Grade 1st Stephen Diack (Nightcaps) 2nd Mike Millard (West Otago) 3rd Todd Jacobs (Amberley)

B Grade 1st Peter nelson (Alexandra) 2nd Doug Smith (Mataura) 3rd David Dickie (Nightcaps) C Grade 1st Nigel King (Mataura) 2nd Philip Wilson (Nightcaps) 3rd Thomas Ronald (Southland) Lady Jan Manson (Southland) Veteran Peter Nelson (Alexandra) junior Rhys Horrell (Western Southland)

Single Rise

HOA Shanan Evans (Southland)

A Grade1st Craig Pilcher (Timaru) 2nd Clark Pirie (Mataura) 3rd Ewen Pirie (Mataura) B Grade 1st Ian Woodrow (Puketiro) 2nd Andrew MacLeod (Mataura) 3rd Trevor Manson (Southland) C Grade Robert Wilson (Nightcaps) 2nd Gregor McKenzie (Wakatipu) 3rd Peter Erb (Nightcaps) Lady Rebecca Warnock (Gorge Road) Veteran Ewen Pirie (Mataura) junior Rhys Horrell (Western Southland)


HOA Hamish Bell (Nightcaps)

A Grade 1st Shanan Evans (Southland) 2nd Neville Rule (Southland) 3rd Colin Waghorn (Gorge Road) B Grade 1st Geoff Tweedie (Central Southland) 2nd Peter Nelson (Alexandra) Ross Roy (Dunedin) C Grade Philip Wilson (Nightcaps) 2nd Peter Erb (Nightcaps) 3rd Ellis Winsloe (West Otago) Lady Jan Manson (Southland) Veteran Mack Pouwhare (Barrytown) Junior Philip Wilson (Nightcaps)

Points Score

HOA Mike Sime (Timaru)

A Grade 1st Barry Munro (West Otago) 2nd Ian Crafts (Waihora) 3dr David Eckhoff (Wanaka) B Grade Trevor Manson (Southland) 2nd Michael Hartstonge (Southland) 3rd Ross Roy (Dunedin) C Grade 1st Peter Erb (Nightcaps) 2nd Errol Edwards (Central Southland) 3rd Philip Wilson (Nightcaps) Lady Sheryl Anglem (Amberley) Veteran Ian crafts (Waihora) Junior Rhys Horrell (Wester Southland). Points Score Team, SJ Cunningham Trophy, Southland (Shanan Evans Phil Harraway Michael Dobbie Brendon Richardson)

Single Barrel

HOA Michael Dobbie (Southland)

A Grade 1st Bob Waugh (Moa Creek) 2nd Jeff Munro (Southland) 3rd Craig Pilcher (Timaru) B Grade 1st Alister Matheson (Dunedin) 2nd Grant Brotherston (Central Southland) 3rd Michael Hartstonge (Southland) C Grade 1st Lee Newcombe (Central Southland) 2nd Philip Wilson (Nightcaps) 3rd Errol Edwards (Central Southland) Lady Rebecca Warnock (Gorge Road) Veteran Bob Waugh (Moa Creek) Junior Philip Wilson (Nightcaps)

High Gun  Shanan Evans (Southland) 231

A Grade Craig Pilcher (Timaru) 229, B Grade Ross Roy (Dunedin) 209, C Grade Philip Wilson (Nightcaps) 198, Lady Jan Manson (Southland)215, Veteran Ian Crafts (Waihora) 225, Junior Philip Wilson (Nightcaps) 209

Southland v Otago Speights Shield, Southland 2617 (S Sutherland L Rodgers S Evans C Pirie K Gutsell B Richardson M Dobbie P Harraway E Pirie G Jukes D Robertson D Warnock) Otago 2483.