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Rimfire shooting on fourth Sunday of month.

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Wellington District Champs 19/20 January
To kick off the competitive program of shooting at the club this year the Wellington District Champs were held on their usual third weekend in January.
Not only was it hot and dry but there were some tricky wind conditions throughout the weekend which certainly tested the shooters abilities. This was particularly true in the Skeet where no possibles were recorded so no SOS Savage memorial medals were given out (all possibles usually receive aspecial medal). The scores improved as the weekend progressed and there were a lot more possibles on the board on Sunday as you will see in the results following below.
Results of events on Saturday:
Skeet: High Over All and winner of the Sos Savage Memorial Trophy – A Green 24/25. A Grade: 1st M Holmes 24, 2nd C Parkinson 24, 3rd D Turner 24. B Grade: 1st B Nelson 24, 2nd G Smith 24, 3rd W Pym 23. C Grade: 1st D Feutz 22, 2nd G Morrison 21, 3rd G Caird 20. 2 Man Skeet Team: 1st A Green/C Parkinson 48/50, 2nd D Turner/R Prince 45, 3rd B Freeman/G Walsh 41
Minis: High Over All – W Pym 15/15. A Grade: 1st P Borrie 15, 2nd B Malcolm 14, 3rd R Prince 14. B Grade: 1st D O’Neil 13, 2nd K Hayes 13, 3rd B Freeman 12. C Grade:1st T Bishop 13, 2nd D Feutz 12, 3rd A Sim 9
Double Rise: High Over All – R Prince 18/20. A Grade: B Malcolm 18, 2nd C Parkinson 17, 3rd J Malcolm 16. B Grade: 1st P Peryer 14, 2nd K Hayes 14, 3rd B Freeman 12. C Grade:1st D Feutz 14, 2nd T Bishop 14, 3rd D Grweder 10
Triples: High Over All – D Turner 50/50. A Grade: R Prince 48, 2nd S Rae 47, 3rd T Anstey 45. B Grade: 1st A Cottle 48, 2nd P Peryer 47, 3rd T Benson 43. C Grade:1st D Feutz 45, 2nd D Grweder 42, 3rd T Bishop 38
Ball Trap: High Over All – P Morrison 24/25. A Grade: D Turner 23, 2nd R Prince 23, 3rd C Cassin 22. B Grade: 1st B Freeman 21, 2nd H Prince 19, 3rd R Bishop 18. C Grade: 1st D Feutz 21, 2nd T Bishop 16, 3rd A Sim 13
Results of events shot on Sunday:
Single Rise: There will 20 possibles shot out of a field of about 55 shooters in this event. After 78 targets in the shoot off High Over All went to –S Gregory 25/25 + 78. A Grade: 1st C Cassin 25 + 77, 2nd P Bazalo 25 + 55, 3rd C Parkinson 25 + 22. B Grade: 1st H Prince 25, 2nd B Smith 24, 3rd G Walsh 24. C Grade:1st D Feutz 25, 2nd Barry Morris 23, 3rd M Harris 23. Veterans: H Prince 25, Ladies: K Hayes 24, Junior: J Peryer 24
Points Score: High Over All – D Castles 75/75. A Grade: 1st C Cassin 74, 2nd D Turner 74, 3rd Bryan Morris 74. B Grade: 1st G Walsh 72, 2nd B Freeman 70, 3rd B Smith 68. C Grade: 1st T Bishop 72, 2nd B Shortis 71, 3rd G Bentley 70
Single Barrel: High Over All – Bryan Morris 25/25. A Grade: K Andrews 25, 2nd P Borrie 25, 3rd D Turner 24. B Grade: 1st B Freeman 23, 2nd J Peryer 23, 3rd R Bishop 21. C Grade: 1st T Bishop 24, 2nd D Feutz 22, 3rd G Bentley 19
Handicap By Distance: 1st T Bishop 25, 2nd S Rae 25, 3rd C Wilton 25. High Gun Over All: Dave Turner 222/235. High Gun A Grade: Robert Prince 221. High Gun B Grade: Blue Freeman 203. High Gun C Grade: D Feutz 206
At the prize giving on Sunday a special Hutt Valley 25 straight long run badge was also presented to Matthew Harris, who is a young junior Hutt Valley member who recently shot his first DTL possible. Well shot Matthew. At your age there will be many more possibles to come in your shooting career.  
Thanks to everyone who made this weekend such a success and congratulations to all the winners.