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1214 Maraekakaho Rd, Hastings

Darryl Remnant
027 488 2398

Club shoots:
3rd Sunday

3 DTL, 2 Skeet, Sporting and Compak

Hawkes Bay

2 April 2017

Cargill Cup

H/cp 20Minis A grade 18mts, B grade 16mts ,C grade 14mts 19s Graham Roys, Louis Bird. Winner Graham Roys.

Club Champs 25 Ball Trap A grade 25s Darryl Remnant, Graham Roys, John Harkness. B grade 24s Storm Williams, Brian Jane. C grade 21 Katie Rolls. A grade Darryl Remnant, B grade Storm Williams, C grade Katie Rolls.

H/cd Club Cups Henry Williams Cup 25/25 Ross Williams.

T.C Parker Cup 25/25 Rick O‘Connor, Graham Roys, Katie Rolls, Ross Williams, John Harkness. Winner Rick O’Connor.

H.M Campbell Cup 25/25 Cameron Spargo, Rick O’Connor, Graham Roys, Katie Rolls, John Harkness. Winner Katie Rolls.

Winner of Wotherspoon Cup for Minis c grade Katie Rolls.