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Olympics 2012 Brant Woodward 2012-07-13 15:33
Hamish, I fully agree with you that this is very very disappointing for Natalie, however questions do need to be asked as to how this occurred as I better than most have a clear understanding of this process, having been involved since 1988!

The only quota that shooting won was at Oceania in 2011 and it was in a rifle event. In line with NZ Shooting Federation policy, the quota is to be used in the section it was won in if at all possible e.g. rifle (refer to the link below and download the shooting selection criteria). If there is no one qualified in that section, then it can be used by another section should they have any athelete's who have met the selection criteria e.g. pistol or shotgun. Shotgun was the only section that had anyone who had met the qualifying criteria that being Natalie Rooney & Jack Norwood, with Natalie being higher ranked than Jack, therefore Natalie's nomination was correct, however my questions are as follows:


1. Ryan Taylor had met the Qualifying Criteria so why was he not officially nominated?
2. If Ryan Taylor was officially nominated, why did the NZOC decline his nomination, only to support his appeal for inclusion later on? Was this because someone left out vital information in his initial nomination?
3. If Ryan Taylor had met the selection criteria (as agreed by NZOC & NZSF) and had been officially nominated, why was more effort not made to change the NZOC's decision of rejection in the first instance, especially seeing that they UNANIMOUSLY supported his appeal?
4. Who made the decision and why was it made to convert the quota from Rifle to Shotgun, when it would have been known that an appeal was going to take place?

I for one would like to know the why this happened and why Natalie Rooney had to go thru the elation of making the team only to then go thru the bitter disappointment of missing out, when if NZSF policy had been followed, Ryan Taylor would have been nominated, accepted and then had a proper buildup for the games.

While I would love nothing more than to have NZ Clay Target Shooting represented at the London Games, we do have policies & procedures to ensure we do the "Right Thing". I just want to know, "Did we do The Right Thing" in this process? Remember, one day it could be your Son, Daughter, Grandchild etc. who goes thru this.

Good Luck Ryan, enjoy and do us proud.

Brant Woodward
+61 409 634 419
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Olympics 2012 Hamish Wilson 2012-07-09 16:43
Well I might as well come out and say what a lot of people are thinking and say tough luck to Natalie Rooney for being 'bumped' out of the olympics. I can't imagine how frustrated she must feel at the moment. We all know Nat had obviously put in all the effort required to get there and to have her place 'snaffled' by another shooter would have most questioning, amongst other things, how!! Keep at it and we will see you back on the mark soon enough with luck!!
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