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Welcome nzclaytarget 2001-07-06 05:07
Hi and welcome to our new discussion area.

To add a new message, or reply to one that someone else has left, you must first register as a user. This allows us to keep abuse of this type of system to a minimum.

When you first register, you will be assigned an initial, randomly-generated password - which will be emailed to you (so don't make a mistake with your email address).

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Have fun!

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Welcome thoseguys 2001-07-27 16:20
This is a reply to the original welcome message. I'm adding this so people can get a better idea how this discussion area works.


Those Guys

web and print design
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Confused? thoseguys 2001-07-27 16:23
It seems some people are not sure how this discussion area works, so I'm adding this new topic to give people a better idea how the board functions.

If you want to reply to this message, click on the blue words "Post reply" at the top or near the bottom of this page.

To start a new topic - click on the red words "New topic".

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Farming of cards. Stuart Doyle 2001-09-02 20:37
Everybody knows the people who farm thier cards in thier own club. Maybe its time the clubs themselves talked to these people, its in thier own best interst to weed these cheats out. it will encourage the newer shooters to stay and that thier efforts will be rewarded by having an honest and level playing field.

The clubs are the grassroots of the sport, if they can stamp this out then the assn. as a whole will benefit.

If a club finds that this may cause a problem within its own membership, they could pass the shooters name on to the council who then approach the shooter and inform them that thier habits must change.

If the shooter in question quits the sport. is it really a loss? i dont think so, because the gains in retaining members and having new members and maybe former members rejoin will far out way the loss of a few cheats.

We have to be tough on these people and turning a blind-eye is not the answer. we know who they are so lets straighten them out or kick them out!
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Paul Wilson Garth 2001-09-03 15:19
Congradulations to Paul, 124 +25 at Bisley, Commonwealth Champs. What a fantastic performance. Well done Paul.
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Quailfying for World DTL Champs grinners 2001-09-24 01:58
How come there is no website so we can check to see how we are getting on?

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This forum easty 2001-10-11 17:18
Having requested the NZCTA council to reinstate the guestbook on the association website, I am very disappointed that they have chosen to replace it with this Non-user friendly discussion forum. The old guestbook system was easy to understand and use, as proven by the number of members who were posting their comments on it. By contrast, in over three months operation only 4 members have utilised this new forum. I am reasonably computer literate and yet it has taken me nearly half an hour to go through the registration process having first of all been issued an invalid password.

I urge the Council to revisit the old style guestbook which obviously found favor with the members in its simplicity of use.


John East
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Referees for World DTL easty 2001-10-14 15:34
We are currently seeking members who are interested in refereeing the World DTL Champs next March 17th-19th. This is an opportunity to have direct input into such an elite event and should be very rewarding for all involved. For information please give me a call on 03-3844524 or email.

John East.

President CCTC
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This forum easty 2001-10-22 22:25
Its well over a week now since I posted my original comments about this forum and yet not a single reply from either members or the NZCTA Council has been made. If this keeps up I will very soon stop visiting the site myself so I trust our own Governing body will quickly review the lack of success they have achieved with this type of forum and revert back to the original guestbook which was easy to understand and getting used.

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This forum murfs1 2001-10-25 02:20
Well its taken me almost 2 minutes to register and reply I think this would be a good forum if people new about it....!!
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Looking for a skeet gun murfs1 2001-10-25 02:22
I am new to the sport and would like to buy a Skeet gun for a good price if anyone has a spare one or one gathering dust......

Anything considered...

Well I,m pleased to say I found one ......

All the best murf

[ This message was edited by: murfs1 on 2001-11-14 00:22 ]
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Winchester 1400? F/s CW 2001-10-26 22:26

does anyone one of the above for sale?
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This forum skeeter 2001-11-04 17:24
I tend to agree with "easty" and think that the NZCTA has lost ground with its members by moving away from the previous guest book format for discussions into an an overly complex and fussy forum page for messages.

The process must be simple as our shooters come from a very broad spectrum of the populus - farmers thru financers and all with varying degrees of IT skills.

Full kudos to the Canty CTC for keeping members informed about the upcoming " worlds" and could we have a little more info about the call for Ref's ie duties, pay rates, selection criteria etc.

BR's skeeter
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World DTL Entries easty 2001-11-07 16:50
Due to the recent terrorist acts in the USA a number of American shooters have pulled out of next years World DTL Champs in New Zealand. We have now been able to accomodate all those who were on the reserve list and currently have about 20 places still available. If you are interested in shooting in this event please contact Bev Searle on searlefamily@xtra.co.nz who will forward entry forms and event information.

John East

President CCTC
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HELLO JOESOAP 2001-11-19 18:43
HELLO to all NZ Clay Busters..A special hello to John Waterworth, from Joe Bridgehouse, Kevin Mayor, Brian Clegg here in the UK.....If you happen to hear this John, Kevin is now European and British Grand Prix FITASC Champion.....Regards to everyone in NZ

Joe B
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chokes for sporting clays? CW 2001-11-30 01:49
So what choke or choke combination do you use?
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This forum Webmasta_kid 2001-12-30 16:22
Hey using these is real simple man this only had one section you should go to the ones us KIDS talk on (http://animeforumz.com) thats just one.

anyway this is quite an easy thing to use once signed up all you have to do is go to the subject you want to talk on read what other people have send then click on Post reply it's just that simple. Even if you are shooters, on another note you may be wondering what is he doing here I joined for my dad he's a shooter
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Lack of results and news etc... skeeter 2002-01-17 22:10
It now has been over a month since the completion of the 2002 Westland Provincials and not a single word on this site let alone the actual results.

Very, very tardy NZCTA exec. and wether the reason lies with the Barrytown club or the National Sec. it is simply not good enough if you are at all serious about providing an information platform for the shooters with this site. This simply has to improve or shooters will not visit . This your wake up call.

BR's Skeeter
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Anyone have a manual clay thrower f/s Win 2002-01-23 02:39
If so please let me know

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National Teams Brian Hartley 2002-02-12 01:37
Well done to all the shooter's that have been selected, best of luck.
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Dissappointed easty 2002-02-13 21:57
Do the members of Council actually visit this forum. 4 months ago I asked the question as to why they had blessed us with such a cumbersome system and not reinstated the original and popular guestbook. I have received no response from any member of council which begs the question "do they know how to use this forum themselves?".

Judging by the amount of postings made (3 since Christmas) I would strongly urge Council to revisit the format of this discussion page so that it encourages members to post their comments. The amount of viewings of the few posts that are made indicate that the forum is visited by many so I can only assume that it is proving to complicated for those visitors to respond with their comments.

Council are constantly urging it's members to embrace this new technology and support it's website, properly structured this discussion forum could be an invaluable source of member feedback, it just needs to be user friendly.

John East
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This forum thoseguys 2002-02-17 04:03
As with most things, anything "new" can seem complex to some people. You just have to take the plunge and start using it so it becomes familiar . . . next thing you know, its easy!

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Dissappointed ame21 2002-03-21 01:48
Perhaps they are all too busy shooting to investigate and use the technology available.

Personally I feel that this is a very valuable tool that the Association has provided. I did not realise this was available until I figured out that the button was actually for a forum.

I shall let our shooters know (those who have the technology) that this forum is here.

Good Luck with the Council.

[ This message was edited by: ame21 on 2002-03-21 01:50 ]
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FITASC? Win 2002-04-26 21:27
I have heard rumours that the NZCTA is out of sorts with FITASC does anyone know anything about this?
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spoting/fitasc in New zealand will 2002-05-16 13:10
Hi my name is Steve Williams. I am currently living in England but hope to move to NZ with my family as soon as possible.I am a keen shooting/ fishing man and also shoot clays,mostly sporting and fitasc.There are thousands of questions I would like to ask but you would be bored stupid,so I have narrowed it down to 3.

1/ Where are most of the sporting/fitasc grounds in NZ.

2/ Does sporting shooting in NZ have a good following.

3/ Does anybody have any contacts in the electrical industry so that I can enquire about job prospects as an electrician.

I dont want to start waffling on and on,but any imformation that anybody thinks would help,I would be very gratefull.

Many thanks steve

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