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2014 S.I. Sporting Clay Championship Mitch Whatley 2013-10-02 14:27
It's not often you get to shoot sporting in such a pristine part of the South Island!

It's time to start thinking about coming down to Te Anau for a great 200 tgt Sporting Clay weekend in Jan 2014 in order to get reasonable airfares!

The 100 tgt Colin Sinclair Memorial Trophy shoot will be held on Saturday, the 18th of January 2014 and the 100 tgt S. I. Sporting Champs (2014) on Sunday the 19th on 4 fields in some fantastic terrain for sporting clays.

We have also negotiated discounted accommodation and Milford Sound boat Cruises, so bring the family and make a holiday of it. There is plenty to do here and Milford Sound is only an (amazing) 2.5 hour drive from Te Anau. So..... plan to come early and/or stay late to take advantage of this opportunity. Also some great trout fishing around, so anglers bring your rods!

Te Anau is an easy 2 hour drive from either Queenstown or Invercargill airport and the shooting fields are only 10 minutes from Te Anau or Manapouri.

Full details in the Nov/Dec Gunshot.
Mitch Whatley

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Upcoming Sporting shoots Kerran Jamieson Madden 2013-08-03 13:28
Just a reminder to all Sporting shooters that there are two online entries to up coming shoots on the Sporting Clay page.
The S.I. Sporting Champs in Nelson 5/6 October in Nelson. Nelson/Waimea are also running a practice on Friday for those in town early.
The S.I. Compak in Greymouth 16/17 Nov. There will be a practice on Friday afternoon for those interested.
It is important to pre enter these events, as it aids clubs in catering, ammunition supply, targets etc. and it does help when planning and setting up fields. Both shoots will be free squading, but please try and be early to both shoots, to help the clubs!
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NZ ISSF Highgun Brant Woodward 2013-03-05 21:53
NZ ISSF Highgun - following a discussion with Keith Livingstone (NZCTA President), Trevor Manson (NZCTA President Elect) and Adrienne Sears (NZCTA Exec. Officer) today I have withdrawn both the ISSF Trap & ISSF Skeet throphies from the NZCTA.

This decision followed the NZCTA's arbituary decision to not award the trophies or sashes at the 2013 ISSF Nationals.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the ISSF shooters of NZ for their support of the trophies I donated back in 1989 and wish them "Good Luck" with the NZCTA leading the sport.
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South Island Sporting Kerran Jamieson Madden 2012-09-19 15:47
Just a reminder to register your intention to shoot at the South Island Sporting Clay Tournament near Timaru at Castle Claremont.
http://sporting.nzclaytarget.org.nz/ scroll down 9 items.
The Castle owner is doing the catering and we just need 'rough' numbers for him.
This is a two day shoot (3rd/4th Nov.) with Saturday being a cash trophy day and Sunday the main event, the South Island Sporting Champs. Sunday is a NZ Team qualifying and North/South event.
I will be put outting out the same registration of intent for the South Zone in Oamaru.
If you have a question don't hesitate to call:
Ron Madden 0274324812
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NZ NSSA Championships - Sub Gauge Skeet Matt Fallon 2012-09-07 15:13
There will be an event held at the Thames Gun Club the weekend prior to the Skeet Nationals this November.

The primary event will be 4x100 skeet using 12g, 20,g, 28g and .410 across 2 days.

We also have spaces available for shooters who are not NSSA members or aren't able to shoot all 4 gauges.

Also if people want to shoot all 4 gauges but don't have the equipment we have a limited amount of equipment that we can load, so please get in touch if you'd like to participate.

Entry is $45 per 100, and there will be a BBQ put on by Thames GC on the Saturday when shooting concludes. The estimated prize fund is expected to be more than $2000.

This is the first opportunity to get your name on the trophy which will be shot for every year, so this is a great opportunity to get your name on the cup first!

For more information on the event to go http://www.mynssa.co.nz/nznssachamps.htm or contact me on 021 641 412

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North Zone S.I.Sporting Kerran Jamieson Madden 2012-07-16 14:57
Greetings, just to let all Sporting shooters know that there has been a change of venue and Club for the South Island North Zone Sporting Championship. The event will be on the originally planned weekend of September 29/30, but now will be held at the Nelson/Wimea CTC, Valley Rd, Golden Downs Forrest, 50km from Nelson. Saturday will be a 100 target Trophy day and Sunday the North Zone S.I. 100 target day. Sunday is a Qualifying and North/South day.
Any inquires to the Sporting Clay Committee or Nelson Club: Secretary: Jacqui Oldham Ph (03) 547 8473
email: nelsonwaimeagunclub@yahoo.co.nz

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Olympics 2012 Brant Woodward 2012-07-13 15:33
Hamish, I fully agree with you that this is very very disappointing for Natalie, however questions do need to be asked as to how this occurred as I better than most have a clear understanding of this process, having been involved since 1988!

The only quota that shooting won was at Oceania in 2011 and it was in a rifle event. In line with NZ Shooting Federation policy, the quota is to be used in the section it was won in if at all possible e.g. rifle (refer to the link below and download the shooting selection criteria). If there is no one qualified in that section, then it can be used by another section should they have any athelete's who have met the selection criteria e.g. pistol or shotgun. Shotgun was the only section that had anyone who had met the qualifying criteria that being Natalie Rooney & Jack Norwood, with Natalie being higher ranked than Jack, therefore Natalie's nomination was correct, however my questions are as follows:


1. Ryan Taylor had met the Qualifying Criteria so why was he not officially nominated?
2. If Ryan Taylor was officially nominated, why did the NZOC decline his nomination, only to support his appeal for inclusion later on? Was this because someone left out vital information in his initial nomination?
3. If Ryan Taylor had met the selection criteria (as agreed by NZOC & NZSF) and had been officially nominated, why was more effort not made to change the NZOC's decision of rejection in the first instance, especially seeing that they UNANIMOUSLY supported his appeal?
4. Who made the decision and why was it made to convert the quota from Rifle to Shotgun, when it would have been known that an appeal was going to take place?

I for one would like to know the why this happened and why Natalie Rooney had to go thru the elation of making the team only to then go thru the bitter disappointment of missing out, when if NZSF policy had been followed, Ryan Taylor would have been nominated, accepted and then had a proper buildup for the games.

While I would love nothing more than to have NZ Clay Target Shooting represented at the London Games, we do have policies & procedures to ensure we do the "Right Thing". I just want to know, "Did we do The Right Thing" in this process? Remember, one day it could be your Son, Daughter, Grandchild etc. who goes thru this.

Good Luck Ryan, enjoy and do us proud.

Brant Woodward
+61 409 634 419
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Olympics 2012 Hamish Wilson 2012-07-09 16:43
Well I might as well come out and say what a lot of people are thinking and say tough luck to Natalie Rooney for being 'bumped' out of the olympics. I can't imagine how frustrated she must feel at the moment. We all know Nat had obviously put in all the effort required to get there and to have her place 'snaffled' by another shooter would have most questioning, amongst other things, how!! Keep at it and we will see you back on the mark soon enough with luck!!
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Eastland Classic Carol Bell 2012-05-14 13:43
Just a reminder about the 2 day shoot May 19th/20th at Wairoa. Over $9000 in cash prizes and drawn Ammo. Weather gods are looking after us. Early entries open till 18th with drawn prize at Saturday prizegiving.
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Transit Signs Wesley Oldham 2011-12-14 20:05
Nelson Waimea Gun Club has an AA sign on the main Rd. Next time I'm there I will take a photo and send to you.
Cheers & good luck.
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Transit Signs Kerran Jamieson Madden 2011-11-17 12:30
Hamish, Greymouth CTC has, it's on Taylorville Rd.
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Transit Signs Hamish Wilson 2011-11-14 20:24
I am currently in dicussions with Transit New Zealand and why they don't think that gun clubs ougt to be sign posted or have any signage at all. They seem to think it's fine for golf clubs, tennis clubs, racecourses, winery's etc but not gun clubs or shooting grounds. I have not been to that many clubs around the country but I am told by Transit that there are none that are sign posted....thinking there are!!!So long story short if you know of a club that is can you please let me know and/or send me photo of it to claireandhamish@ihug.co.nz. Thanks muchly!!!
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compak shooting geoffrey mark ferris 2011-11-07 21:20
hi guys we held our labour w/end shoot over two days of compak . with AA grades on both days . can you shooters give us some feedback on that shoot cheers taupo clay target club
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Skeet Nationals Russell Smart 2011-11-07 18:37
The Canterbury Clay Target Club will be open on Monday 21st. November from 10am till 4pm for Skeet Practice.
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Nelson Districts Wesley Oldham 2011-09-25 08:54
Please be advised that we have had to change the date and format for our District Champs, This will now be held on the 13th of November, triples will not be on the program..

The 100 tgt skt match is now to be held on Oct 9th along with 45 triples and 25 pair D/R.

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Sporting Clay National Kerran Jamieson Madden 2011-09-07 09:33
Entries for the Sporting Clay Nationals and Grand Prix to be held at Cromwell are now open on the Sporting Clay page: http://sporting.nzclaytarget.org.nz/nzsporting-nationals/
If you can not find it in the above link look on the Sporting Clay page down the right hand side list under the heading: Enter Events.
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South Island Sporting Clays entry Kerran Jamieson Madden 2011-08-04 15:45
The 'on line' entry for the South Island Sporting Clay Champs is open and running on the Sporting Clay page, The NZ Compak championship entries are also open and awaiting your entry!(http://sporting.nzclaytarget.org.nz/) We hope to have the New Zealand Sporting Championship and Grand Prix entries open within the next couple of weeks, so keep checking that page for any updates on sporting/compak shoots. CHEERS
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H B Districts Stuart Bell 2011-05-13 10:46
Just a reminder to shooters about HB Districts held in Wairoa , May 21/22 2011.
Early entry has been extended to May 18th as no Gunshot yet. Some accomodation available at Vista Motor lodge
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Duck shooters sporting Wesley Oldham 2011-03-26 10:31
Reminder for Sporting shooters & Duck shooters.
Nelson Waimea Gun Clubs annual 80 tgt sporting event is to be held at our grounds April 10th, Great array of hunting orientated prizes +++ 2 drawn guns from your score.
Also a reminder to add to your diary for October 1st & 2nd is the North Zone South Island Sporting Champs at Nelson.
Our full program of events can now also be found at www.wix.com/nelsonwaimeagunclub/1
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Kerran Jamieson Madden 2011-01-11 14:02
Greetings, just a reminder to sporting shooters that on line entries for the North Islands, N.Z. Nationals (Rotorua) and Grand Prix (Wanganui) are on the sporting clay web page: http://sporting.nzclaytarget.org.nz/ ,and the three shoots have a cut off to allow squadding and times. The G.P. is limited to 128 shooters and will be strictly adhered to, so no excuses get your entry in, its only been open a few days and has 32 entries. The Nationals are at 165 so far, so it promises to be one of the biggest Nationals yet!!
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anthony gray 2010-11-29 08:26
MEAD TE-PIRITA wish to advise of a correction of date.
Christmas shoot.
Sunday 12th December. 10.00am.
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Shoot results Stuart John Cunningham 2010-11-03 06:43
Congrats to office staff of Dunedin Clay Target club on getting major shoot results to national office so the details can be put on the shoot results promptly
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Wakatipu Clay Target Club Clark Pirie 2010-10-06 14:38
The Wakatipu Clay Target Club has cancelled its Labour weekend 300 target Points Score event.

That cancellation was advertised at the Bodkin Sheild in Wanaka.

The Club apologises for any inconvenience that cancellation might cause.

All other Wakatipu Club events continue as advertised in the Otago Southland programme booklet, including the Central Otago Compak championships on the 17th of October.
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NWGC DISTRICT CHAMPS Wesley Oldham 2010-09-11 10:40
CORRECTION - Attn Shooters, I wish to advise the below corrections to the recent advertisement in the Gunshot Magazine.


Held Saturday 9th & Sunday 10th October 2010, start time 9am. Entry $141.00 + High Gun, Opt Sweeps & N/S Qual events.

Ammunition & food available onsite.

Saturday 100 Skeet, 15 Minis, 30 Triples, 10 pr Double Rise
Sunday 25 Skeet, 25 Single Rise, 25 Points Score, 25 Single Barrel

My apologies for the incorrect information submitted to Gunshot.
Regards Jacqui nelsonwaimeagunclub@yahoo.co.nz
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NI Sth Zone ISSF Champs Karen Hayes 2010-08-13 13:48
The NZCTA are offering one free Open entry and one free Junior entry to the North Island South Zone ISSF Champs to be held at Hutt Valley Gun Club on 6 and 7 November 2010. To qualify, you must compete in two of the four Ball Trap competitions being held at the club between now and the end of October. The names of all shooters that qualify will be put into a hat for a draw to win the free entry. The qualifying shoots are:
Sunday 15 August: Ball Trap Club Champs;
Saturday 11 September: Ball Trap sweeps match;
Sunday 12 September: Ball Trap sweeps match; and
Monday 25 October: Ball Trap sweeps match.
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