School events

2016 School Annual Meeting

Minutes of a meeting held at the NZ Secondary School Championships at Christchurch 24 September 2016

Commencing at 6pm



Michael Holmes (Chair) Grant Castles, Warren Wright, Nigel Field, Jenni Sanders, Matt Simpson, James Robertson, Lindon Sanders, John Fooks, Shane Ashforth, Dave Hern, Sue Field, Mike McCormick, David Donald and Adrienne Sears.


Apologies: Nil


Chairperson’s Report:

 Michael thanked everyone who has been involved in the last twelve months with the Secondary School shooting.


Financial Report: Adrienne Sears advised the meeting of the current financial situation. A report had been previously distributed to the Sub Committee.


General Business

The recognition for the winning North vs south teams was discussed. While all the team members receive a badge, and the winning team receives a cup they don’t get anything to keep to reflect their win.

It was Moved (Warren Wright) that medals be given to the winning North vs South teams in future.                       Carried


The process for nominations to the sub committee was discussed. The new process hasn’t worked as hoped. There has been three nominations received plus one late one. The meeting felt that a combination of pre-nominations plus accepting nominations from this meeting should be adopted.

MOVED Jenni Sanders/James Robertson “That Nigel Field, David Donald and Tracey Crapp be co-opted on to the secondary school sub-committee”.    Carried

Those who had pre-nominated are: Jenni Sanders, James Robertson and Warren Wright.

Mike McCormick pre-nominated but has since withdrawn.

MOVED James Robertson/David Donald “That the existing Island co-ordinators remain the same.”                      Carried


The relationship between the committee and Council was discussed. The sub-committee feel they must be given the opportunity to fully discuss issues before they are presented to Council. The sub-committee advised that they are getting messages from participants on issues they feel need to be changed and Council are giving the message they have no desire for change.  It was acknowledged that there is negativity around and this needs to be addressed and changed for the good of the sport.


Grading: Lindon Sanders advised he felt there is not currently equitable competition because there are shooters who are novice competing against experienced shooters. Introducing a split of juniors (Form 3 and 4) and seniors (Forms 5-7) would address this. There was discussion around what would happen with the girls and this will be looked at by the sub-committee.

MOVED Mike McCormick/Jenni Sanders “That the sub committee investigate the concept of a Junior/Senior competition.”               Carried


The Youth Games selection was raised. The last selection was from the scores from the school champs. The NZ shooting Federation are responsible for the selection of this event and the dates of the next event are not known. It was asked if participants must attend a school to qualify. This was not know.


The meeting closed at 8pm.